StanChem Polymers SC 5019

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StanChem Polymers SC 5019 is a HEC stabilized, vinyl acetate emulsion with very high molecular weight and a highly branched structure. SC 5019 exhibits good water resistance and high electrolyte tolerance. SC 5019 is recommended for use in the production of paper laminating adhesives, joint cement and textile sizing.

Chemical Family: Polyvinyl Acetates (PVA)

Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Paper, Textiles

Glass Transition Temperature (Tg): 30.0 - 30.0 °C

Features: Water Resistance

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Physical Form
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ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
pH at (25°C)4.0-5.0--
Solids by weight54.0-56.0 %-
Tg °C (DSC)30--
Viscosity at (25°C)1200-1800cps-
Weight9.2 +/-0.1 lbs./gal-