Deltech Monomers Aromatics Byproduct (DVB)

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Deltech Aromatics Byproduct (DVB) serves as an octane supplement and belongs to the chemical family of aromatic hydrocarbons. It is a water-white liquid with an aromatic odor and is typically not reactive under normal conditions. This versatile product finds applications in various fields, including coatings, adhesive tackifiers, functional polymers, molded composites, and insulating varnishes.

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Water white liquid
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Initial Boiling Pointmax. 100°C
Flash Point50.0°CPensky Martens Closed Cup
Specific Gravity (at 25°C)0.875

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12 months (max. 40 °F), 8 months (40 - 50 °F), 4 months (50 - 60 °F), 2 months (60 - 70 °F), 1 month (70 - 80 °F)

DVB monomer is supplied in 55 gallon steel drums for customers with lower volume requirements. Storage in drums is acceptable if proper precautions are observed. The prevention of autopolymerization is the greatest concern for storage of DVB in drums. Uncontrolled polymerization of DVB63 and DVB80 results in heat generation and combustible gas evolution that can overpressure the drum and cause an explosion and fire. Prevention of color formation and preformed polymer in DVB are also important. Color formation is normally attributed to contamination such as rust or water. To circumvent color formation and contamination, DVB is drummed in new epoxy-lined drums from dedicated loading facilities. Preformed polymer is usually caused by low inhibitor or oxygen content in the drum. The formation of unwanted polymer will degrade the quality of DVB to the point where the material is not suitable for most applications. Sound inventory management of DVB in drums is required to assure that the quality of the material is maintained until needed. Sound inventory management includes a thorough knowledge of the polymerization characteristics of DVB, inhibitor package, shelf life and maintenance of product as well as attention to inventory control.